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After the fact


[ poetry - april 09 ]

"For what men in those fine times owed to their own glory we may judge from their efforts to emulate Homer in Latin, the tongue of living thought." - Hugh Kenner, The Pound Era, p349


You can go now. Don't you think you've done enough
already? Everything you tried to prove & improve is over. Here,
take what's left of our disdain - before it boils over enough
to melt holes in hurricanes. Use it to study Mars.

In the middle of the muddle & whatever else is going on
there is only going on. There's no getting even. Not only have I
never thought about taking it that far - I haven't even thought
about putting it off. Especially when it comes to not digging you.

Now I could say something more about the moon being boring.
Or the earth's core. Or all those bare bones: everything gnawed
& known with nothing left over. Look, if you want to do
something useful - take out your own ashes...