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antiphon, porn in the age of apollo & un regard, pour sa femme


[ poetry - december 04 ]


'night is a capsule enclosing the night'

those seven stars between our solitudes
are frozen in the act of flight, the gleam
of the vile seducer's triple headlights
and you, lady, enhance his rapine pomp

'the apocalypses originate
with the high priests' or make a late attempt
to mystically appropriate the world
behind the veil, the painted trees in fruit

only and always in season, the things
into which angels long to look: mirrors;
three candles - one for love and one for joy
and one for unity of consciousness

are the alternatives, or james as eagle
perched on the reredos, dripping wisdom


porn in the age of apollo

the world as flower by elision
adheres to the irony of smell, pleasure
twitching on a dry plate. the sun

is mining copper from the hills, or
smearing the vines with infinite glister,
an effortless akashic, all the same. these angels

are tantric automata dancing
in an empty head, the body curled
in the niche, incubating. what we have

they do, graceful as petals of meat
skimming the oracular filament,
crawling with insights, waking to eve's tup

upwind in sanguine mud, making


un regard, pour sa femme

smoking on the steps of a communist
blockhouse in budapest i spat and considered
how you see a different array of bugs
here, especially beetles, when one by one
a couple of big examples came and drank
from the tiny pool, edgily at first
then with big bug gusto, and i thought
how a communist block could be
romantic too, and how in leitrim i sat
by a borin, a rapt boy, watching
countless dragonflies dancing, agog
at the colours and graces. the lazy heat
and the great communion of tiny,
pointless strivings, are enough, because
you're cradling our logos in your sleep. god
must have been very fond of beetles