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Michael Carter

Carter is a former actor and currently works as a counsellor. He has had one screenplay filmed, starring Sir Anthony Hopkins, and has just completed another. He has also completed his first novel.

The man in the field

[ fiction - february 13 ]

ďA man arrives with two kids, broadcasting his upper class by dress, demeanour and that particular kind of hair native to the toff that seems to have descended with spaniels from a common ancestor but tripped into a separate genetic fork, floppy, unostentatious, thick and glossily neutral.Ē

The last glass of champagne

[ fiction - november 12 ]

A story about old age

The last hippies

[ fiction - november 12 ]

"He escorted her back to AA and NA meetings, and sat like a probation officer in parking lots praying the miracle would happen inside the rooms where her tribe of recovering fuck-ups hung out."

The goalkeepers

[ fiction - october 12 ]

ďA fallow time in the slaughter is needed now and again. Some days they just didnít kill.Ē

Spectacular views

[ fiction - september 12 ]

"Separate weíre no worth a second glance, but together weíre a weird double act for the city, and thatís what draws the stares: the combination. Sublime and Ridiculous, Aspiration and Resignation. "

Never got to Hollywood

[ fiction - july 12 ]

"Sometimes it catches me in a meeting and I miss everything thatís said and people look at me and ask if Iím okay. Only my status prevents anyone from really finding out whatís wrong with me."

All's Will that ends Will

[ fiction - june 12 ]

The chronicle of Elisabeth of Binton is so controversial that the family has refused to make it public until now.