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Robert Jensen

Jensen is a professor of journalism at the University of Texas. He is is the author of The Heart of Whiteness (City Lights Publishing 2005), Citizens of the Empire (City Lights Publishing 2004) and Writing Dissent (Peter Lang Publishing 2001).

The four fundamentalisms and the threat to sustainable democracy

[ politics | opinion - june 06 ]

"fundamentalism is an extreme form of hubris, a delusional overconfidence not only in one's beliefs but in the ability of humans to know much of anything definitively."

Crash and the self-indulgence of white America

[ filmreviews ]

Crash is a white-supremacist movie.

TV images don't bring change

[ opinion - october 05 ]

"It is self-indulgence to ask whether an emotionally intense event such as the aftermath of Katrina will change US society."

War made easy

[ bookreviews ]

A stylish unpicking of a web of lies.

Talk TV: No evidence required

[ politics | opinion - june 05 ]

On shout-TV, serious consideration of evidence slows down a show, which means viewers might drift away, which would lower ratings, which drives down the ad rates, which eventually means... no more show.

Lies, dam lies and statistics

[ politics | places - october 04 ]

"Dams are not the temples of India. They are her burial grounds." An interview with Angana Chatterji on the devastation being visited upon the people of the Narmada valley

Hijacking Catastrophe

[ opinion | filmreviews ]

Filling the void left by journalists' failures

Kerry's hypocrisy on Vietnam War

[ politics | opinion - august 04 ]

"In a hyper-patriotic country, it can be difficult to tell the truth about the barbarism of one's own leaders. But in 1971, John Kerry was among the Vietnam War veterans who did that..."

Fahrenheit 9/11 is a stupid white movie

[ opinion - july 04 ]

What Michael Moore misses about the empire.

It's not just the emperor who is naked, but the whole empire

[ politics | opinion - june 04 ]

"While Bush bears primary responsibility for the Iraq War, he couldn't have done it without the help of some Democrats (such as Kerry, who voted for it) and the inaction of others (such as Pelosi, who voted against the war but expended no political capital to mount a serious campaign to stop it)."

Former President Bush involved with donation to group with terrorist connections

[ opinion - april 04 ]

"OK, perhaps the headline stretches the truth a bit. But being a good American, I'm simply following the lead of my president."

Bush: nuclear hypocrite

[ politics - february 04 ]

"See, free societies are societies that do not develop weapons of mass terror and do not blackmail the world." Time for a reality check, Georgie...

Failure? What failure?

[ politics | opinion - february 04 ]

Talk of "intelligence failures" masks the success of Bush propaganda campaign.

New purported Bush tape raises fear of new attacks

[ opinion - november 03 ]

"Intelligence analysts around the world are studying the videotapes. 'It certainly looked and sounded like him, but we get so few glimpses at Bush in real-life situations that it is hard to tell,' said one operative from a Western intelligence agency."

Onwards, Christian soldiers

[ politics | opinion - october 03 ]

Lt Gen William Boykin, the Pentagon's deputy under-secretary for intelligence, claims he is "not anti-Islam or any other religion". They're just cults.

Just the (documented) facts, Ma'am

[ politics | opinion - october 03 ]

"We decided to draw up a tongue-in-cheek 'hierarchy of facts'. In the most exalted position was the category to which journalists are most wedded: Documented Facts. On the bottom were the facts that potentially cause the most trouble for journalists: True Facts." Robert Jensen on the truth, the whole truth and nothing like the truth.

Iraqi liberation, Bush style

[ politics | opinion - september 03 ]

Paul Bremer has given himself the power to squelch Iraqi media engaged in 'incitement', which in practice means clamping down on those who oppose the occupation.

Grim fairy tales

[ politics | opinion - august 03 ]

It is not enough to complain about the performance of journalists: we have to work to change journalism.

Iraq: ultra-hawks v. moderate-hawks

[ politics | opinion - february 03 ]

We are already at war with Iraq, judging by the mainstream debate.

Bob Woodward and the 'Bush at War' hagiography

[ politics | bookreviews ]

From Deep Throat to Shallow Thought, alas.

Citizens not soldiers

[ politics | opinion - october 02 ]

In John Ashcroft's hypermilitarised formulation, words become bullets and critics "give ammunition to America's enemies."

The language and rhetoric of race

[ politics | opinion - july 02 ]

The unexamined assumptions about race.

Defying corporations, defining democracy

[ politics | bookreviews ]

Outlining alternatives futures.

Why I write for newspapers

[ opinion - april 02 ]

"My clearest memory of the 1991 Persian Gulf War is a few moments on a bus when the world melted in front of me."