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Kevin Higgins

Higgins lives in Galway, Ireland, where with his wife Susan Millar DuMars he co-organises the Over The Edge: Open Reading series. The Boy With No Face (Salmon 2005) was short-listed for the 2006 Strong Award for Best First Collection by an Irish poet. A collection of essays and reviews, Poetry, Politics & Dorothy Gone Horribly Astray, was published by Lapwing Press in 2006. His second collection of poems is Time Gentlemen, Please (Salmon 2008).

Hitchens through the looking glass

[ opinion - august 13 ]

The late polemicist gets a taste of his own medicine


[ poetry - may 08 ]


[ poetry - january 08 ]

Stage left, Bookshop romance, Untidiness & The annual air show protest

[ poetry - october 07 ]

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind & As the world burns

[ bookreviews ]

"Adorno was not wrong when he made his infamous 'no poetry after Auschwitz' statement; he just overstated his case."

New American Writing 24

[ bookreviews ]

Fancy some poetry sans existential melodrama?

Death of a revolutionary

[ people | poetry - august 06 ]

Inspired by the death of Ted Grant (1913-2006)

Hurt Thyself; Mercury, the Dime; and Sundial

[ poetry | bookreviews ]

Three new collections.

Summer interlude, Page from the diary of an officially approved person & Infatuation

[ poetry - july 06 ]

The condemned apple

[ bookreviews ]

Visar Zhiti's disturbing poetry from an Albanian gulag.

Tetched & Lick of the lizard

[ bookreviews ]

Excellent Irish and American story collections.


[ bookreviews ]

Funderís acute awareness of the absurdity that often accompanies the worst tyrannies saves the book from worthiness.

The couple upstairs, The interruption & Café du Journal

[ poetry - december 04 ]

Poetry, politics and Dorothy gone horribly astray

[ opinion - september 04 ]

"And for all its warnings, the glittering genius of Auden could do nothing to stall humanity's mad march to Auschwitz and Hiroshima. That's just not how it works."


[ bookreviews ]

It was twenty years ago today...

Koba the Dread

[ bookreviews ]

Kevin Higgins is puzzled by Koba the Dread.