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James Badcock

Badcock is a freelance journalist living in London.

The future for the Kurds in Turkey

[ politics | opinion - october 02 ]

Turkey has a stark choice in its dealings with its Kurdish population: the way of force or democratic principles.

Turkey, Kurds and the European Union

[ politics | opinion - september 02 ]

When is a no-fly zone not a no-fly zone? James Badcock examines the intersection of cross-border raids, napalm and international politics.

Terror and asylum: Turkish Kurds in Britain

[ politics | opinion - september 02 ]

The PKK has publicly abandoned violence, but its refugee supporters still face imprisonment in Britain.

No friends but the mountains

[ politics | opinion - august 02 ]

Not even the borders of other states serve to protect the Kurds from their enemies.

In the shadow of the dam

[ politics | opinion - august 02 ]

Lies, dam lies and Kurdish human rights.