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Jason Leopold

Leopold, the former LA bureau chief of Dow Jones Newswires, spent two years covering the California energy crisis and the collapse of Enron. His memoir News Junkie will be released in early 2006 by Process/Feral House Books.

The Presidentís priorities

[ politics - september 05 ]

The curious question of why same sex marriage was more important than Louisiana.

Outsourcing death

[ politics - september 05 ]

A division of a funeral corporation charged with desecrating corpses has been hired to collect deceased victims of Hurricane Katrina.

The anniversary waltz

[ politics - september 05 ]

President Bush knows the true reasons he started a war in Iraq, but he's not going to tell.

Secrets and lies

[ politics - august 05 ]

Halliburton is secretly doing business with a key member of Iran's nuclear team.

All roads lead to Rove

[ politics - july 05 ]

A report shows Karl Rove may have lied to federal agents, a federal crime, during October 2003 testimony into CIA agent leak.

What goes around comes around

[ politics - july 05 ]

Thomas White, the former vice chairman of Enron Energy Services and one-time Secretary of the Army, wants American tax-payers to fund his new energy project...

Fooled me once

[ politics - june 05 ]

Watergate proves that even presidents will break laws to achieve their goals.

Black ice

[ politics - may 05 ]

Opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to development could lead to 'Exxon Valdez' type of disaster, activist claims

Dirty tricks

[ politics - january 05 ]

Bush's choice for Energy Secretary was one of Texas's top five worst polluters.

Rumsfeld's Rules

[ politics - november 04 ]

How Rummy's failed war plan caused the loss of more than 1,000 US soldiers in Iraq

Black goldrush

[ politics - october 04 ]

Under Cheney, Halliburton helped Saddam Hussein siphon billions from the UN Oil-for-Food Program.

Remember when presidential campaigns used to be about the issues?

[ opinion - september 04 ]

A brief look at the policies which will shape the lives for a majority of Americans over the next four years. How quaintly old-fashioned.

Down the rabbit-hole

[ opinion - august 04 ]

Or, How Dick Cheney got away with $35 million right before the government launched a probe into Halliburton

Don't believe the hype...

[ politics - august 04 ]

Terrorist warnings are just another way Bush will steal the election.

Running with the hare and hunting with the hounds

[ politics - july 04 ]

Cheney lobbied Congress to ease sanctions against terrorist countries while he was CEO of Halliburton.

The Governator's new broom

[ politics | opinion - may 04 ]

Schwarzenegger's aides refuse to identify the people who helped him draft California's energy plan, but consumer groups have been swept aside

Hoist with her own petard

[ politics - april 04 ]

A trawl through the archives shows that Rice never spoke about al Qa'ida or Osama Bin Laden before 9/11.

Crisis? What crisis?

[ politics | opinion - march 04 ]

A company with ties to Dick Cheney's Energy Task Force faces criminal indictment for gaming Californa's electricity market.

History repeats itself as farce

[ politics | opinion - march 04 ]

Vice President Cheney helped cover up Pakistani nuclear proliferation in 1989 so the US could sell the country fighter jets.

I spy with my little eye...

[ politics | opinion - february 04 ]

Spying On UN Secretary General was part of a larger campaign to undermine UN Missions in Iraq.

Going once, going twice

[ politics | opinion - february 04 ]

Halliburton is facing its second criminal probe in four years.

Now that's forward planning...

[ politics | opinion - january 04 ]

Paul O'Neill's claims against Bush are supported by 1998 'war' letters to Clinton signed by Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz.

Bush should be facing "a long, hard slog" on the campaign trail...

[ politics | opinion - january 04 ]

...but the Dems are too busy fighting with each other.

Schwarzenegger - The Deregulator

[ politics | opinion - october 03 ]

Ahnuld's first role as Governor-elect of California will be to push the state's electricity market towards deregulation.

Voting down democracy

[ politics | opinion - september 03 ]

The Omnibus Appropriations Bill will force most states to switch from paper balloting to a bug-riddled - and unverifiable - computerised system. What price democracy?

Crying Wolfowitz

[ politics | opinion - august 03 ]

Wolfowitz now admits Iraq was not involved in 9-11 terrorist attacks and had no ties to Al-Qaeda.

The CIA, Iraq and the Russian nuclear threat

[ politics | opinion - july 03 ]

"[T]he CIA's erroneous information on the former Soviet Union helped influence US military spending and Washington's defense and foreign policies, exactly as the agency's intelligence analysis did in Iraq." Jason Leopold on a dangerous learning difficulty.

Wolfowitz Committee instructed White House to use Iraq/uranium reference

[ politics | opinion - july 03 ]

Four senators and a CIA official briefed Jason Leopold on the SOTU reference to Nigerien uranium on condition of anonymity.