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A question of silence

[ filmreviews ]

Berberian Sound Studio and The Numbers Station both use silence to communicate

Tomason and Thomason

[ opinion - november 13 ]

The curious charm of the useless architectural feature


[ opinion - march 13 ]

A fragment

The solitary golfer

[ fiction - march 12 ]

"What he disliked about golf was having to take it seriously. It was a chance to be in the open air, to daydream. It was an escape from the cares of running a clinic, not only the stress of seeing patients but of managing the practice, ensuring everyone got paid and had their ego massaged appropriately."

A theatre of pure stichomythia: Twitter and the tragic

[ opinion - june 11 ]

"I alternate between revulsion and fascination, between periods of Twitter celibacy and promiscuity."

Our selves, alone

[ fiction - december 10 ]

"When the anthropologists are interested in you, you know you're on the way out." A short story about the Donegal Democrat and the last agony aunt.

Perpetual motion

[ fiction - september 10 ]

"Life is very simple if you just follow the instructions. Or rather, life can proceed very simply if you just follow the instructions. There's a difference."

The junk food diet

[ fiction - august 10 ]

A short story about foreign food.

Annual report

[ fiction - july 10 ]

"I look forward to working together to achieve our strategic vision going forward."

I have never seen Scarface...

[ opinion - april 10 ]

...but its imagery of permeates our visual culture to such a degree that, I am as familiar with its iconography as the most avid fan

The fifteenth of August

[ fiction - october 09 ]

A short story about Donegal

Yellow blue tibia

[ bookreviews ]

Soviet sci-fi ostension

Three parables

[ fiction - may 09 ]

The administrator, the statistician and the psychiatrist.


[ bookreviews ]

Gardens and thought are closely related.

Adding value to writing

[ opinion - january 09 ]

Nothing guarantees artistic value

The raw shark texts

[ bookreviews ]

...appear to have jumped the shark.

Eugene and his sister

[ fiction - september 08 ]

"In the upper right-hand corner of each card was written a name from the annals of Scottish homicide and infamy: Deacon Brodie, Sawney Bean, Bible John, Madeleine Smith. Each card summarised the research Kay had undertaken for Mrs Flowers' latest project, the successor to Murder Most Irish and More Murder Most Irish..."

That damn family, part two

[ fiction - may 08 ]

"No one knows anything."

Norse Ireland - a nation once again

[ opinion - may 08 ]

"The traditional view of Irish history emphasises the suffering of the noble Celtic (and its often implied, fundamentally Catholic) Irish."

That damn family

[ fiction - april 08 ]

"I, Creon, wander the lands. Outcast. Alone. Shamed among men. I am nothing. No one."

For your consideration

[ filmreviews ]

Nothing scuppers comedy like desperation.

The law of technological mundanity

[ opinion - march 08 ]

Humanity has been wonderfully creative in imagining a whole series of bright shining utopias.

The uncanny

[ bookreviews ]

No, not that Nicholas Royle - the other one... And he's very good too.

The world under water

[ fiction - october 07 ]

"It took a while to realise that they had no idea that a 'mouse' was anything other than the device to control the cursor on screen, one that had been made many years ago and had to be taken care of - as only very inferior quality mice were made now."

A haunting

[ poetry - september 07 ]


[ bookreviews ]

The barely credible story of Hiroshima, told without hyperbole.

The Athenians

[ fiction - august 06 ]

A short story about philosophy.

Tom Harris

[ bookreviews ]

An off-kilter detective story.

Government in exile

[ fiction - july 06 ]

A short story about being an alien.

Ajax, the Dutch, the War

[ bookreviews ]

The Beautiful Game under fascism.

The parallel lives

[ fiction - november 05 ]

A short story about connections.

The birth party

[ fiction - october 05 ]

A love story.

The Tao of Tetris

[ fiction - july 05 ]

"I can still pinpoint the exact moment when I realised that pub games could be the path to inner peace, deep contentedness, spiritual fulfilment, and all that sort of thing."

My life in CIA

[ bookreviews ]

Autobiographical novel as potential literature.

Museum pieces

[ fiction - june 05 ]

A short story about art.

The invisible century

[ bookreviews ]


Pieces for the left hand

[ bookreviews ]

Small but perfectly-formed.

Stevenson under the palm trees

[ bookreviews ]

A beguiling tale of the dying author in Samoa.

The spider's web

[ bookreviews ]

Roth's debut novel of Weimar Germany.

The Oxford murders

[ bookreviews ]

No caveats. Not one. just read it.

Inherit the earth

[ fiction - december 04 ]

A story about living off the fat of the land.

Ghost ships

[ bookreviews ]

"One eye on the imagination, the other on the outside world..."

My life among the serial killers

[ bookreviews ]

A genetic basis for serial murder? Hmm.

Ancient medicine

[ bookreviews ]

"remember your hippopotamus oath" - Homer (Simpson)

Bloomsday 3004

[ fiction - july 04 ]

Re: Joyce.

King of the Mountain

[ bookreviews ]

Boys will be boys...

Checking in, checking out

[ fiction - june 04 ]

"Soon the whole world was an enormous hospital. Every non-inpatient was a doctor or nurse or some kind of paramedical line."

Fugitive minds

[ bookreviews ]

An undogmatic look at twilight states

The invention of Morel

[ bookreviews ]

A small jewel

An odd kind of fame

[ bookreviews ]

The hole in the head gang...

Long for this world

[ bookreviews ]

"a wonderfully written, acutely penetrating failure"

The waxwing slain

[ fiction - april 04 ]

"The history of literature - the movements filled with lofty ideas, the endless manifestos and counter-manifestos, the all-too-serious sense of mission - can be considered a history of envy."

The Maze

[ bookreviews ]

Photos of an aptly-named prison.

Bobby Fischer goes to war

[ bookreviews ]

Grandmaster flash.

The Book of Skin

[ bookreviews ]

"Inriddling"? Quoi? Postmodern tropes intrude on fascinating material.

Reading pictures

[ bookreviews ]

Any friend of Borges is a friend of ours...

100 suns

[ bookreviews ]

"I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds": the terrible beauty of the nuke.