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Gary Lachman

Lachman's books include In Search of PD Ouspensky (Quest Books 2004) Turn off your mind (Sidgwick & Jackson 2001; Disinformation Company 2003), The Dedalus book of the occult (Dedalus Books 2003), A secret history of consciousness (Floris Books 2003) and, as Gary Valentine, New York rocker: My life in the Blank Generation (Pan 2003). He was a founder member of Blondie, and now contributes to Mojo, Fortean Times, the Times Literary Supplement and other journals.

Otto Weininger

[ people - march 08 ]

"The suicide is almost always a sadist, because he alone wants to get out of a situation and can act," according to an almost forgotten Austrian writer (and racist, antisemite and misogynist).

Working it out

[ people - september 04 ]

"I first came across the names Gurdjieff and Ouspensky in 1975. I was 19 and living in New York City, playing bass guitar with the then unknown pop group Blondie."

The magical world of Fernando Pessoa

[ strangeness - january 04 ]

"It offends my intelligence that a man can master the Devil without being able to master the Portuguese language." Life wasn't easy for the angst-ridden poet and occultist...