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Robert M Smith

Smith is a translator and writer from Montreal. In the past year, he has been interviewed in Italian, and published a poem in Chinese in the Chinese Poetry International Quarterly and dozens of texts on Retort Magazine. He is writing a book about homeless people for the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.

Life after death

[ fiction - september 05 ]

A short story about meetings.

The worst possible scenario

[ fiction - july 05 ]

A short story about bombs.

Street Business Inc.

[ fiction - may 05 ]

A short story about growing up.

The wretched of the earth

[ fiction - april 05 ]

A short story about death.

Are you wild?

[ fiction - december 04 ]

A short story about relationships.

The Pleasure Dome

[ fiction - october 04 ]

"We have freaks who can recite poetry inspired by the devils of Babylon! Step right up, it's the greatest show on earth!"

In the prison of my skin

[ fiction - july 04 ]

"Devoured by her own sense of righteousness, which no one else seemed to adhere to, she left."

Every man's got his price

[ fiction - march 04 ]

"I want to tell you about a mercenary I met in Vancouver, in May 1968. I thought he was an anomaly among the peace and love propaganda that was prevalent during those years."

Robert's primal scream

[ fiction - february 04 ]

"Picture a wild man on the loose, like Godzilla unleashed on Cleveland, Ohio. Picture King Kong climbing the Empire State Building, with a woman in one hand, and a jet airplane in the other. Well, that's how I feel."