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Laurence O'Dwyer

O'Dwyer has published poetry in prose in journals in Ireland and Britain. In 2005 he won a Hennessy/Sunday Tribune New Irish Writing Award. He holds a PhD in paradigms of memory formation in the hippocampus from Trinity College Dublin. He is currently working on a documentary about the town of Gonaives in Haiti.

Art Tatum

[ poetry - november 08 ]

The Xaragua Hotel

[ places - october 08 ]

"Governments sink as often as the sun, and during the night there's always a purge. Somehow the Xaragua has managed to avoid it all. Immunity however, usually comes with a jab of the disease."

Starling's Law of the Heart

[ places - june 08 ]

"Despite Harvey's discovery of the circulation of the heart in the seventeenth century, blood letting went on for another three hundred years."

A grain of dissimilarity

[ politics | places - may 08 ]

In Greek legend a chimere is a fearful, fire-belching monster with a lion's head, a goat's body and a serpent's tail. For Haitians it means a gangster.

The birds

[ fiction - april 08 ]

"The birds are the most intelligent species, being distant relatives of the gods."

All the President's Men

[ politics | places - march 08 ]

In Haiti, "unemployment is running at around 80%, corruption is so much a part of life that they might well hand out MBAs in it, and gangs like the Cannibal Army and the Little Machete Army still control the red zones."

Skoda Lasky

[ people - march 08 ]

From wasted love to beer barrels.

A reply to Bulgakov et al., 3243

[ fiction - february 08 ]

"In my experience of science, the vast majority of field workers are unimaginative drones. I should know, I am one of them. "

Caravaggio as Goliath

[ poetry - february 08 ]

An imagined country

[ places - april 07 ]

In towns and cities where we sleep alongside millions the notion doesn’t arise. But out here where there is nobody, we’re terrified of seeing a single man, precisely because there’s nobody else. For why would anybody be out here if he wasn’t reeling around the mercury sands with an idiot grin that changes to a grimace as soon as he sees the tent?

The horse

[ poetry - october 06 ]

Nocturne in ragtime

[ fiction - june 06 ]

A very short story.


[ bookreviews ]

A scholarly and poetic book about language.

Up the Rio Paraguay

[ places - april 06 ]

Paraguay has few attractions, which is an attraction in itself. Depending on who you ask, it is poor, dangerous or boring.

Nerve endings

[ bookreviews ]

A botany of forking paths.

Notes from a Hitchhiker

[ places - january 06 ]

An aimless journey that started in Carcassonne and ended in Milan.

Dexter Gordon

[ people - december 05 ]

"Dexter Gordon said that the best thing that ever happened to him was getting busted for possession of heroin."

The Peacock

[ poetry - december 05 ]

Giovanni Ferri

[ places | people - june 05 ]

"The old town had capsized under the approaching dunes some twenty years ago and now sand was beginning to spill over the walls of the new village."

Alexandra sleeping

[ people - may 05 ]

I had great admiration for Alexandra because she slept so much.


[ people - april 05 ]

"It is unclear whether Aranzio was trying to describe a bottle nose dolphin, a silkworm, a coiled caterpillar, a sea horse or a dragon."

Port Vell

[ fiction - march 05 ]

"I drew my knife and laughed aloud. He spat on the ground. We know that this is how it is done. We have seen this ritual how many times?"

The old man from Braunen

[ places - february 05 ]

"The council had put up a plaque for Hitler a long time ago. Years later they planted trees around it so no one could see the plaque."

After Borges

[ poetry - january 05 ]

Plaza del Once

[ fiction - october 04 ]

"I couldn't live for an instant if I did not lie. It is how I survive."

Fluntern Cemetery

[ poetry - march 04 ]