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Rebecca Seiferle

The music we dance to (Sheep Meadow Press 1999) won the Poetry Society of America Hemley Award and Seiferle's poems were included in The best American poetry 2000 (Scribner 2000). The ripped-out seam (Sheep Meadow Press 1993) won the Writer's Exchange Award, the National Writer's Union Prize and the Poetry Society of America Bogin Award. Her translation of Vallejo's Trilce (Sheep Meadow Press 1992) was the only finalist for the 1992 PenWest Translation Award. Her third collection, Bitters (Copper Canyon Press 2001) won the Western States Book Award in Poetry. She is the editor of The Drunken Boat.

In the name of the tyrant, Apache tears, Those Greek warriors & Dragon Hill

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