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Paul Rogat Loeb

Loeb is the author of The Impossible Will Take a Little While: A Citizen's Guide to Hope in a Time of Fear (Basic Books 2004, named by The History Channel and The American Book Association as their #3 political book of Fall 2004) and Soul of a Citizen.

Northern Exposure

[ opinion - september 08 ]

The Rovian politics of choosing Sarah Palin.

Obedwards wins New Hampshire

[ opinion - january 08 ]

As often happens, the media missed the real story.

Hillary Clinton and the Ghosts of 2006

[ opinion - december 07 ]

If Clinton really wants Democratic voters to judge their potential nominees on their 2006 choices, she may not like the judgments they make.

Gulf of Tonkin redux?

[ opinion - october 07 ]

It's still not too late to re-empt the next war

A storm of denial

[ opinion - january 07 ]

For a Seattle resident, climate change has got personal...

War at home

[ opinion - august 06 ]

"Through the actions of a lone man with an unstable mental history, the Middle East wars have hit my community."

An inconvenient video game

[ opinion - july 06 ]

A modest proposal.

Enron's good fight

[ opinion - june 06 ]

"Enron traders bragged about stealing from 'grandma Millie', and jamming their $250 a megawatt hour power 'right up her ass'. So maybe those were the fights Skilling referred to."

Hard conversations about the Big Easy

[ opinion - november 05 ]

People not pork barrel politics matter in the reconstruction of New Orleans.

911 in New Orleans

[ opinion - september 05 ]

The development patterns that destroyed Louisiana wetlands are being repeated throughout America, with the support of an administration intent on removing all limits on private economic activity.

Speaking truth to Roberts

[ opinion - august 05 ]

Humble, humorous, congenial... and not too worried about discrimination, international law or consumer protection. A shoo-in, basically.

Abortion and Schiavo - The stories we tell

[ opinion - april 05 ]

"A third of all US women have abortions by age 45, of whom 27 per cent are Catholic and 13 per cent born-again or Evangelical Christians."

Believing in spite of the evidence

[ opinion - december 04 ]

"As Havel wrote, three years before the Communist dictatorship fell, 'Hope is not prognostication. It is an orientation of the spirit.'"

Shut up and color

[ opinion - august 04 ]

The politics of bullying

The Lone Ranger of Righteousness

[ opinion - march 04 ]

"The more strongly Nader campaigns, the more time, money, and energy we'll all have to divert away from the prime task of defeating Bush."