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John-Ivan Palmer

John-Ivan has been described as the world's fastest hypnotist.

Family Romance

[ bookreviews ]

“Mother raises the kids in the father’s absence and tries to keep them clean. Clean of what? Pathogens! A pathogen in this context is both an organism and a meme, always the other guy’s.”

The last greatest magician in the world

[ bookreviews ]

An exemplary and beautifully written history of stage magic

Born standing up

[ bookreviews ]

Seriously funny.

Rip off the ears: searching for Demosthenes’ secret in Mexico

[ places - january 08 ]

"It's difficult to find privacy in Mexico, least of all if you're traveling with a low-budget female impersonator show."

Fission among the fanatics

[ bookreviews ]

"So the author, with his PhD, leaves Utah and ends up in a seedy town in provincial China, living over a brothel in a hotel for segregated foreigners"

The season of love, bitter almonds and delayed rains

[ bookreviews ]

"This collection is a unique example of how literary talent can find its way between minds, and prove that the republic of letters is truly global."

Intellectual seekers in the notorious Tenderloin, San Francisco

[ places - february 07 ]

"Among the predators and the prey, carefully hiding among the junkies and the slashers, was a thin scattering of stoned entomologists, hopped up Latinists, whorehouse biblical scholars and obsessed littérateurs."

The puppet pushers

[ opinion - august 06 ]

Reflections on dictatorship, terrorism and the spectacle of stage hypnotism.

Secrets of the sideshows

[ bookreviews ]

"The sideshow of human anomalies is the ultimate equal opportunity employer. If you have a face like a mule or don’t exist from the ribs down, the color of your skin is irrelevant."

Purse snatch

[ fiction - september 05 ]

A short story about accessories.

General Semantics and the Chicken Suit Murders - The hypnotic realities of Dr Ronald Dante and Dr Michael Dean

[ strangeness | people - march 05 ]

“When I asked the fugitive hypnotist about the time he tried to kill Michael Dean, he said, echoing the title of Lana Turner’s book, ‘there’s his truth, my truth, the real truth, and the mythological truth.’”

Hiding the elephant

[ bookreviews ]

"Houdini vanished the elephant, but modernity vanished magic."

Hostile break-up, sinister reunion: Mesmerism & the Boob

[ strangeness | opinion - march 04 ]

"The first recorded Code of broadcast standards was created by King Louis XVI. What happens, the Commissioners asked, to "sensitive women" who go into a screaming mesmeric convulsion which terminates in 'the sweetest emotion'?"