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George Sparling

Sparling has been published in literary magazines including Potomac Review, Zygote in my Coffee, Underground Voices, Word Riot, Slow Trains, Juked and Rattle.

I, Consumer

[ fiction - november 11 ]

“If you heeded the Tenth Commandment, this wouldn’t have happened,” Quentin said.


[ fiction - may 11 ]

"When you do the same thing every day, it gets really nutso. Even berserk. I sit at the window, picking at a blemish, concentrating on traffic outside, seeing streams of vehicles, many I’ve seen two or three times during the past hour."

I don't have to make sense

[ fiction - january 11 ]

"I stopped making sense a long time ago, when I heard a neighbor across the street say loudly, 'Leo's a Communist,' to a friend of his. 'I hate them,' the friend said, and the neighbor replied, 'Or an anarchist,' and his chum said, 'That's worse,' and that was ten years ago, the first time definitely knew I was an Enemy of the People."

Off campus

[ fiction - september 10 ]

"I must have smelled horrible because she gagged a few times. Rare steaks don't smell like Henrietta's blood."


[ fiction - july 10 ]

A short story about weight loss.

How one man changed the world and why we should worry

[ fiction - may 10 ]

"Juvenal had mentioned the ensuing abomination in passing to Tacitus, but the historian never tweeted it, so CNN, Fox News and TMZ lost out."

The protesters

[ fiction - april 04 ]

"Contemptuous of that word "mellow" ever since he heard it uttered by a Berkeley radical, he no longer sneered at it. Reed knew he had become Left-Coast when he used that word casually in history class at the university."