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Timeri N Murari

Murari has written novels, non-fiction, screenplays and stage plays. The Square Circle made Time magazine's top 10 best films. He adapted and directed it at the Leicester Haymarket Theatre. His novels include the international best-seller Taj (reissued by Penguin India in 2004), Steps from Paradise (Coronet Books 1996) and My Temporary Son (Penguin India 2005).

The Taliban Cricket Club

[ fiction - march 12 ]

I'm delighted to run an excerpt from Tim's new (and extravagantly praised) book - he's an old nthposition hand and I've enjoyed his writing for a long time.

The cold dish

[ fiction - june 07 ]

A short story about revenge.

Camelot America

[ places - october 06 ]

Once upon a time America was a sunny country...

India 2010

[ opinion - april 06 ]

Power certainly corrupts and Superpower corrupts totally.

Too close to the sun

[ people - february 06 ]

Dangerous liaisons with Christine Keeler.

Bowling Pinter

[ people - december 05 ]

"There is a comma in that sentence, and I placed it there for a purpose. Please repeat that line and remember the comma."

Fabulous Bob Guccione

[ people - november 05 ]

"So I ended up living in his 42-room mansion which had a swimming pool and a ball room and a kitchen the size of a tennis court. But it barely had any furniture..."

The argumentative Indian

[ bookreviews ]

An instant primer on India for those who know a lot about India.

Writing for Bollywood

[ people - july 05 ]

"'I think you're the man to write my 'Ramayana' feature film,' Sanjay suddenly announced. I looked behind to see if someone else had entered the room."

Where's the money going in Nagapattinam?

[ places - april 05 ]

I return to the NGO office on the lawn. "What are the Scientologists doing here?" I ask Achama. "I'm surprised they're back," she says. "They were thrown out a week ago."

Do walls work?

[ opinion - march 05 ]

"Every Wall comes with its own baggage that cannot be contained by it. The Wall never grants the wishes for which it was built."

My temporary son

[ people - february 05 ]

An orphan's tale.

Giving aid

[ opinion | places - january 05 ]

We have millions of poor who were not victims of the tsunami, and they will remain mired in their poverty.