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Harry Reynolds

Harry Reynolds worked in the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, before which he held other governmental legal positions.

Lester, my uncle and my IRA hero

[ people - july 13 ]

The past is a different country


[ people - march 13 ]

"When I was a boy in knickers, history was a story about events we saw around us, but there came a day when suddenly I saw that there was an unseen, unspoken, history of what was going on when we were not looking""

How I became a lawyer

[ fiction - july 12 ]

"In the end, I saw that God had absolutely nothing to do with good and evil, that good and evil were, so to speak, none of his business."

Sister Philomena

[ people - may 11 ]

"I am eight in the third grade in a Catholic school in a slum with crazy Sister Philomena and God all around in a dark land of prayer, guilt, daily Masses, a bleeding Christ crucified above the blackboard, the fear of having my face slapped or my hands beaten with a ruler"

The man in my rear view mirror

[ people - april 11 ]

"In life, the future sometimes brushes against us, like a pet dog."

Poisoning the press

[ bookreviews ]

A dissection of the pursuit of an unsavoury politician by an equally unpleasant journalist


[ people - september 10 ]

A Ruthenian story

The Poisoner's Handbook

[ bookreviews ]

The Jazz Age toxicology pioneer.

Why the Dreyfus Affair matters

[ bookreviews ]

Plus ça change...

Ryan's room

[ fiction - january 10 ]

A short story about the secrets of the confessional

Packing the court

[ bookreviews ]

A brisk attack on the Supreme Court's power to declare acts of Congress unconstitutional.


[ fiction - april 09 ]

"They say the Vatican is abolishing limbo. The baby souls go straight to heaven, Harry."

The right to sleep in the Tompkins Square public library in 1935

[ people - march 09 ]

"In the winter of 1935, my uncle Lester entered the library to struggle through a hangover and he couldn't manage another block."

Sunday in the Park

[ people - february 09 ]

"When I was ten, I was a translator for my lip-reading, deaf mother..."

East Seventh Street: Christmas, 1937

[ places - january 09 ]

"I am nine years old. There is a God. Jesus Christ is his son."

The dark side

[ bookreviews ]

"An appalling, profoundly disturbing revelation of the Bush Administration's war on terrorism..."

The Commission

[ bookreviews ]

"Where 9/11 widows saw lost husbands, Karl Rove saw the loss of Bush's presidency."

Billie Boy

[ poetry - january 08 ]

She did it her way...

[ bookreviews ]

A new biography of Hillary Rodham Clinton is damning, though probably not in the way its authors hoped.

Grand illusion

[ bookreviews ]

"When Giuliani claims that the police and fire departments had been prepared prior to 9/11 to act in coordination in a terror attack, we wonder first over his memory, and then over his integrity..."

Spoiling for a fight

[ bookreviews ]

A Pulitzer-worthy tale of NY Attorney General Eliot Spitzer's encounters with corporate sleaze.

His Excellency

[ bookreviews ]

The best one-volume biography of George Washington.

The brother

[ bookreviews ]

The Rosenbergs brought - a little late - to life.

Beyond glory

[ bookreviews ]

A knockout story.


[ bookreviews ]

The Bureau's former head on the mafia, Clinton and the war on terror.

Becoming Justice Blackmun

[ bookreviews ]

The author deserves a second Pulitzer

Rehnquist, the Clerk

[ opinion - august 05 ]

Justice has not only to be done; it has to be seen to be believed...

Martin Niemoller's famous statement

[ opinion - october 04 ]

It might be time to re-assess the reputation of Hitler's personal prisoner and defender of the Jews

I heard you paint houses

[ bookreviews ]

Frank Sheeran took to the life of hit man, thief, thug, bagman and corrupt Teamster official like a fish to water.

American Mafia

[ bookreviews ]

The good old days...

The Japanese Way of Justice: Prosecuting Crime in Japan

[ bookreviews ]

An exemplary examination of the Japanese prosecutorial system.