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[ poetry - april 09 ]

Jewish history, Jewish religion

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"Every nation, religion, and culture shrouds its history in a miasma of myth and legend; the job of a good historian, in the first place, is to see through the fog and get at the facts."

Dark matters: the baleful lustre of the Litvinenko affair

[ opinion - march 07 ]

"Litvinenko's shape-shifting faculty equals, and even surpasses, that of polonium. There is of course his transformation from athletic and good-looking young man to the emaciated icon of his deathbed portrait; but there is more."

the diamond market, the man who had the least of his worries, the things that were beautiful that day & a parliament of saints

[ poetry - january 07 ]

Whatís got the non God squad so cross?

[ opinion - april 06 ]

"The profession of secular atheism by people who are more properly described as liberal humanists is a propinquitous heresy, relating ironically to the neo-con orthodoxy."


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Deus ex machination.

Standing behind timeís wishes

[ bookreviews ]

Two very necessary, and necessarily depressing, books on the Rwanda genocide.

Bangs for bucks and Arielís dream

[ politics - february 06 ]

The coming war in Iran is being reported in mainstream media as the ultimate ploy in a concerted effort to rid the world of a nuclear threat. Facts and events suggest otherwise, as does the make-up of the partnership limbering up for war.

arielís dream

[ poetry - january 06 ]

Translating a tragedy

[ opinion - november 05 ]

Media and state reactions to the shooting of Sharon Beshenivsky and Teresa Milburn

The rotting goddess

[ bookreviews ]

From divinity to defamation.

The critical bias to faith

[ bookreviews ]

Thoughts on a second read of The End of Faith.

Fundamentalism and its discontents

[ opinion | people - february 05 ]

"I spoke to Norton Mezvinsky the night after the deliciously ironic spectacle of a Jewish professor lecturing on Christian Zionism at a Muslim cultural institute, an irony only compounded by the realisation that a Muslim audience was almost bound to be better informed about Christian fundamentalism than a Christian one."

antiphon, porn in the age of apollo & un regard, pour sa femme

[ poetry - december 04 ]

Occidentalism: A short history of anti-westernism

[ bookreviews ]

Nice neologism, shame about the thesis

The end of faith: Religion, terror and the end of reason

[ bookreviews ]

And your point is..?

The real environmental crisis

[ bookreviews ]

Green news from La-La Land.

Al-Qaeda: The true story of radical Islam

[ bookreviews ]

"Bin Laden's cult status is the result of a potent mix of demonisation and adulation, a literary sub-genre and an internet bubble"

What's it all about? Philosophy and the meaning of life

[ bookreviews ]

No easy answers. Or something.

The economics of innocent fraud

[ bookreviews ]

"The book is either a caveat so tentative no one will heed it, or a poison so subtle only a small bottle was needed."

Blurring distinctions

[ opinion - august 04 ]

The twin problems of militarising NGOs and media fudge

A conversation with Peter Singer

[ people - june 04 ]

Books, the President and the health of ethics in a secular world.

The President of Good and Evil

[ bookreviews ]

Taking George W at his own word.

a bed between summer and fall, a history of smoking, boethius, this glacial blame, the flame was starting to enjoy the wax & tonsil, teller, tongue, fung

[ poetry - march 04 ]

The politics of anti-Semitism

[ bookreviews ]

A cool look at a heated discussion.

Rogue Nation

[ bookreviews ]

Take a big, deep breath and count to ten.

After the Empire

[ bookreviews ]

Noel Rooney is impressed by book whose thesis is counter-intuitive, or at least counter to received thinking.

Reclaim the state

[ bookreviews ]

Going back to (grass)roots

Striding to empire, strides for the emperor

[ politics | bookreviews ]

Reading books about America...

Incoherent Empire

[ bookreviews ]

A decent book on unprecedented indecency.

War talk

[ bookreviews ]

Arundhati Roy's clear dissection of empire and future.

Crossroads to Islam

[ bookreviews ]

Puzzling historical revisionism.

The age of consent

[ politics | bookreviews ]

Man the barricades!

Abuse your illusions

[ bookreviews ]

High level ranters.

Journalism, truth or dare?

[ bookreviews ]

A natural history of the second-oldest profession.


[ bookreviews ]

A natural history of the dollar.