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Alan McCormick

McCormick’s stories have appeared widely in print, and on the net at Dead Drunk Dublin, 3:AM and nthposition. His illustrated work with the artist Jonny Voss can be found at Scumsters. Dogsbodies & Scumsters is out now at Roast Books. His story, ‘The Runner’, is included in the upcoming Liars’ League anthology, London Lies (Arachne Press, September 2012).

Message to you

[ fiction - august 14 ]

A short story about communication

A town called Fakfax

[ fiction - june 13 ]

A short story about life-changing events.

The star shaped scar

[ fiction - april 13 ]

"A burial at sea is a terrible thing, the most desolate, dismal experience imaginable; I’ve only just stopped shaking."


[ fiction - november 12 ]

"No, a heart attack would be too good for him. I can’t remember Mum being different – less on the brink of hysteria or exhaustion – but Gran says she wasn’t like that before she met him and so I hate the stupid bastard"


[ fiction - august 12 ]

"At the bar at the back of the room he asked me my name and what I did. No one asked women what they did back then and I wasn’t sure what to say"

The Two Ps

[ fiction - july 12 ]

Mid-afternoon and a suburban train leaves Waterloo. In a carriage two elderly women sit side by side; one not quite (but nearly) to the manor born; the other, stockier, a little Peggy Mount in stature, a fleeting image of a Holloway warden in her neat, functional grey suit.


[ fiction - march 11 ]

"Eddie picks up his pint and takes it to another table. But then Eddie walks back towards him, and George closes his eyes, thinking he's about to be hit."

Granny ♥ Terry Wogan

[ fiction - november 10 ]

"I prefer to concentrate on what is going on in the car; when you're sixty all the streets look the same: dirty and full of ugly people with unwashed hair, clutching carrier bags and babies."


[ fiction - october 10 ]

"The smell of seaweed, an undercurrent of sewage, salt water drying on rocks, and, close by, some dog wet on the railings. 'A bitch, possibly a Pomeranian,' Arnold is thinking."

Deal or no deal

[ fiction - july 10 ]

A short story about television.


[ fiction - april 10 ]

A brief encounter

Meet the builder

[ fiction - july 09 ]

"This is the problem, you tell some people you're a writer, and they want to be in on the act. They want you to ghost write their life and turn them into a celebrity. Ask them for specifics, and they're less forthcoming."

Suspicious minds

[ fiction - may 09 ]

"I'm getting the name Mabel, no, Mavis. Thank you, Bear Tongue. He would like us to meet Mavis. Does the name Mavis mean anything to anyone?"

The Sacred Elephant

[ fiction - february 08 ]

"I know life is not as the films," says Krystiana with a shrug, "but in my country a meal is a celebration, not a funeral."


[ fiction - march 07 ]

A short story by Alan McCormick.