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Tanya Reinhart

Reinhart is professor of linguistics and cultural studies at Tel Aviv University and the University of Utrecht. She is a columnist on Yediot Aharonot and author of Israel/Palestine: How to end the 1948 war (Seven Stories Press 2002).

Israel's "new Middle East"

[ politics - august 06 ]

"For the Israeli military leadership, not only the Lebanese and the Palestinians, but also the Israelis are just pawns in some big military vision."

What are they fighting for?

[ politics - july 06 ]

"Israel does not need this piece of land, one of the most densely populated in the world, and lacking any natural resources. The problem is that one cannot let Gaza free, if one wants to keep the West Bank."

A week of Israeli restraint

[ politics - june 06 ]

"the fact that Israel is content merely to bombard the Gaza Strip from air, sea and land is a model of restraint and humanity that not many states could match."

The Hamas government should be recognized

[ politics - june 06 ]

"Olmert may have succeeded in garnering a majority in the US Congress for a boycott of the Hamas government, but in Israeli society itself he does not have a majority."

How we left Gaza

[ politics - september 05 ]

If the US continues to lose ground in Iraq, maybe Israel will be forced to pull out of the West Bank as well...

"According to security sources..."

[ politics - june 05 ]

What remains of the Israeli media

Behind the smokescreen of the Gaza pullout

[ politics - april 05 ]

"If Sharon intends to evacuate the Gaza settlements, he is doing so with outrageous inefficiency. He is far more efficient in the West Bank."

The Israeli Left is opting for suicide

[ opinion - april 05 ]

"Sharon is submitting a budget of plunder and robbery, and all the left-wing parties have to say is that we have to help him to pass it, because he said that he will evacuate settlements."

From Aqaba to Sharm - fake peace festivals

[ politics - february 05 ]

"The Palestinian elections, together with the Iraqi elections that also took place in January, were hailed as a victory for democracy, with hardly any mention of the fact that these were elections under occupation."

Sharon's Gaza pull-out - it's not gonna happen!

[ politics - december 04 ]

Israelis and Palestinians know that it is possible to live differently on this land.

Engaging with disengagement

[ opinion - november 04 ]

Sharon's disengagement is just a plan for maintaining the occupation with more international legitimacy.

From The Hague to Mas'ha

[ politics - july 04 ]

"Without international law there is a danger that large segments of the human race will simply be wiped out, as we Jews learned through our own terrible experience during World War II."

Standing against the claws of the wall

[ politics - july 04 ]

"In the army's language, Ariel and Kedumim are the "claws" of the fence, claws that are now sunk into the West Bank, grabbing a giant chunk of Palestinian land that will be transferred to Israel."

The address for protest is Labor's headquarters

[ opinion - june 04 ]

"Only if Mazuz the prosecutor can convince Mazuz the judge that there is a decisive basis for indicting Sharon, will Mazuz the Attorney General decide that there are grounds to put him on trial"

Biddu: The struggle against the wall

[ politics - may 04 ]

"Since Israel is still, officially, a democracy, it is not permissible for the army to be the body that determines the limits of the freedom to protest."

What kind of state deserves to exist?

[ opinion - april 04 ]

Once Israel disengages from the Gaza strip, it will no longer be defined as an occupied territory and what Israel does today in violation of international law will become legal.

As in Tiananmen Square...

[ politics | opinion - april 04 ]

"An extensive discussion has already taken place in Israel regarding the cost-benefit ratio of Yassin's assassination. But the question of justice has hardly been raised."

Pacifying the majority

[ politics | opinion - march 04 ]

Israelis are asked to believe Sharon, who shaped the map of the settlements in the strip in the '70s - Sharon of the Lebanon war, Sharon of Jenin - will dismantle the Gaza settlements and end the occupation there.

The guaranteed failure of the Road Map

[ politics | opinion - may 03 ]

"The US is ruled today by hawks whose vision is an unending war. There is no basis for the belief that the US will allow anyone to force Israel to make any concessions."

Sophisticated transfer

[ politics | opinion - april 03 ]

There was a certain - and intentional - sense of déjà vu when the men of the Tulkarem were herded into a compound at the centre of the refugee camp. Was it a dress rehearsal for Nakba Redux

The Lilliputians are no longer tiny people

[ politics | opinion - march 03 ]

The US has completed the transfer of D-9 bulldozers that the US bought from Israel to implement in Baghdad the lessons of Jenin, yet the giant is not insuperable.

The penal colonies

[ politics | opinion - july 02 ]

The Gaza strip is a perfect realisation of the Israeli vision of 'separation'.

The voiceless majority

[ politics | opinion - june 02 ]

Tanya Reinhart on the yawning gap between policy and public opinion within Israel.

Field of thorns

[ politics | opinion - april 02 ]

Tanya Reinhart documents the Israeli government's plan to get its retaliation in first.

Jenin - the propaganda war

[ politics | opinion - april 02 ]

Tanya Reinhart on the battle over the bodies.