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David Finkle

Finkle is a freelance writer whose theatre reviews have appeared in the Village Voice and New York Times. He is senior drama critic for TheaterMania.com. nthposition will be publishing his collection of short stories in October 2011.

Tattoo or not tattoo?

[ fiction - october 11 ]

A short story about decisions.

Our kind of traitor

[ bookreviews ]

Le Carré still transports the reader, but not as far...

The avenger!

[ fiction - july 10 ]

"It wasn't entirely on whim that I went backstage to see Bobby Hardin. I tried to fool myself into believing it was, but you can't fool a fooler. Actually, I went back after much forethought."


[ fiction - january 10 ]

A short story about literary taste

Ars longa, vita brevis est

[ fiction - october 09 ]

(The following account was logged into an iPhone found not long ago in a large east-coast city refuse bin.)

Adolph Hitler and the dissenting Jew

[ fiction - june 09 ]

"I don't need to think it over. I can never forgive and I can never forget. I know forgiveness is supposed to be divine, but maybe there are times when not forgiving is also divine. I hope this is one of them."

A Pinter Pause

[ people - january 09 ]

A tribute to leisurely drama.

The man who never laughed out loud

[ fiction - january 09 ]

A post-Christmas bagatelle for the publishing world.

The Telectroscope

[ artreviews - june 08 ]

"The resemblance to des choses Verne-iennes is not entirely accidental"

Toulouse on track

[ fiction - may 08 ]

"Standing there in a frilly bathroom and pink mules with pompoms on the instep was a bruiser needing a shave and a good rinse to remove the vestiges of the previous night's eye make-up."

Time waits for Norman

[ fiction - july 06 ]

A short story about Jewish Time.

Eek, a mouse!

[ fiction - february 05 ]

Love and rodents.


[ fiction - september 04 ]

"1. 'The Parting'. 54 x 36 Painted Truro. Linen canvas. Bedroom overlooking body of water below in distance, suggestion of waves."

A New York story

[ fiction - november 03 ]

"This is one of those wonderful New York stories. It starts in the 1960s, a long time ago in the life of the city, when I was in my twenties and editing a small music business trade magazine."

People tell me things

[ fiction - september 03 ]

"People tell me things. I guess they think I'm a good listener. Or understanding. Or compassionate. Or discreet - though my writing what you're about to read gives the lie to this apprehension."