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Philip Wiley

Wiley was born in England in 1941. He is the author of Losing the Plot, written under the pen name ChuckWoww. He is currently working on another novel about London in the Sixties. He has lived in Asia and the Caribbean and makes his home in British Columbia, Canada.

Letter to Bill

[ fiction - january 09 ]

"Tangers, a lovable old bitch. Still not winning any beauty contests but she's still got something."

On the road

[ fiction - july 06 ]

A short story about innocence.

Blinding light

[ bookreviews ]

Yup, life's a bit of a bugger.

Happy meal

[ fiction - january 03 ]

"Bert's breezy arrival in the hotel lobby doesn't make much impression on the sour-faced Chinese night clerk behind the counter but Bert doesn't let it faze him. He's back. Home base baby. Nothing can stop him now. The bars are open for another couple hours so now it's just a question of making himself beautiful, putting on his best smile and hitting a few hotspots. Look out girls here I come."