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Tom Vater

Tom is a writer and filmmaker, currently based in Bangkok and London. He has co-written several documentary screenplays for French and German TV and has released a number of CDs of ethnographic music from Asia's marginalised tribes as part of an ongoing project with the British Library's National Sound archive. 'Beyond the pancake trench', a collection of cutting edge stories from the margins of South Asia, is published by Orchid Press (HK) later this year. His first novel, 'Tarmac', is published in spring 2004 in Hong Kong.

Thaksin Ok Bai (Thaksin Get out)

[ politics | places - april 06 ]

Thailand's slow burning revolution.

Death in the 21st century

[ opinion - october 05 ]

The Stooges play Funhouse

The beautiful game in Esfahan

[ places - september 05 ]

"This is the first time we have had a street party since 1979. But this is also a political demonstration. We are showing the government that we have power."

Welcome to the end of the world

[ places - october 04 ]

"Km 11 is rough, as twisted, creepy and dysfunctional a place in the world as any."

Tomb raiders

[ places - may 03 ]

Tomb raiding was big in Cambodia long before Angelina Jolie started filming.

The sounds of Phnong

[ places - november 02 ]

The people of Cambodia's eastern province are disenfranchised, displaced and suppressed.