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Alexis Lykiard

Lykiard's translations include editions of Lautréamont’s Maldoror & Complete Works, and novels by experimental and/or Surrealist poets – among them, Jarry, Apollinaire, Artaud, Aragon and Péret. He has written nine novels and a variety of non-fiction, including two literary memoirs, Jean Rhys Revisited and Jean Rhys Afterwords (Shoestring 2006). Latest of his many poetry collections are Haiku Of Five Decades 2009, Haiku At Seventy 2011 (both Anarchios Press), and Getting On: Poems 2000-2012, Shoestring Press 2012.

Granta days

[ people - september 09 ]

"My qualifications for editing a long-established and prestigious literary organ were largely a matter of youthful enthusiasm, a love of language, and a vague yet somehow urgent desire to communicate with others through writing."

Paris noir

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Mysteries and histories of Darkest Paris.


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Concise, moving and unassuming.

Episode in the War against Error

[ poetry - august 05 ]

After an election

[ poetry - may 05 ]

The Dedalus book of Greek fantasy

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Another winning Greek team


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The Sixties survived, if not revived.

Jean Lurçat's museum and apotheosis, A tale of two Sickerts & The unmentionable

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