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Ronald J Stone

Stone, an attorney practicing in Harlem, NY, has MA (English) and LLB degrees from Yale (both 1966). Previously having published criticism in Philip Rahv's Modern Occasions ('The Novel in the Age of the Movies' - between Sartre to the right and Philip Roth to the left) and other places, he returns to litrashur in this current guise after 35 years of being Lord knows where.

Lowest court law

[ fiction - january 14 ]

A legal textbook, concluding chapter

Empath’s Psycho-Multipersonality Remembemerance: Dear dead doggie Duke (deceased)

[ fiction - october 12 ]

A collaborative study

Lowest Court Law: Cases And Commentaries

[ fiction - september 11 ]

The only law book you'll ever need

Lowest Court Law: Cases And Commentaries

[ fiction - june 10 ]

"In this book, Stone has done for Lowest Court Law and Jurisprudence what Moby Dick previously did for porpoises. Many kudos to you, Judge Stone."

Lust and lost loves in New Orleans, LA

[ fiction - november 09 ]

A short story about memory.

Lowest Court Law: Cases And Commentaries

[ fiction - october 09 ]

(Initial Excerpt of - One Hopes - Many)

Mabel, family, friends and God speak

[ fiction - september 09 ]

The voice now boomed out of the phone. "Mabel Baby, this is God." "Who?" I asked. "God, Mabel, God. This is God."

In the final analysis

[ fiction - august 09 ]

(this is the way the world ends)


[ fiction - july 09 ]

"There being no public urine use made by petitioner, there is no decision. Furthermore, there being no case, I dismiss all charges. So ordered."

The legend of the line of Lazare

[ fiction - may 09 ]

A message in a bottle.