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Heard, Linda S

Linda has worked as a magazine editor in Dubai, Bangkok and Beirut and is currently a freelance writer and political columnist based in Athens. Her columns appear regularly in the 'Gulf News', 'Ahram Weekly', the 'South China Morning Post' and 'Counterpunch'.

Heath, Victoria

Heath has an MAW at Warwick University, where she gained a distinction in poetry. She lost her sight nearly 30 years ago and learned to use a computer with a screen reader (Dolphin's Hal). She achieved a First in BA Drama at Exeter University. Since then she has been to the Arvon Foundation. She has a black guide dog called Frankie - her fourth dog.

Heighton, Steven

Heighton is the author, most recently, of a collection of poems called The address book (Anansi 2004). His novel The shadow boxer appeared with Knopf in Canada and was also published by Granta Books in Britain and Australia, by Houghton Mifflin in the USA (a Publishers' Weekly Book of the Year, 2002) and in Italy. Other books include Flight paths of the Emperor (Granta 2000) and The ecstasy of skeptics (Stoddart 1998). His work is translated into eight languages, has been internationally anthologised, and has been nominated for the Governor General's Award, the Trillium Award, the Pushcart Prize, and the WH Smith Award.

Herman, David

Herman teaches in the English Department at Ohio State University, where he co-founded Project Narrative, an initiative that promotes state-of-the-art research and teaching in the field of narrative studies. He is the author, editor, or co-editor of nine books on various aspects of narrative, and he also serves as editor of the Frontiers of Narrative book series as well as the journal Storyworlds, both published by the University of Nebraska Press.

Herron, Guy

Guy is an ex-student, ex-soldier, ex-logger, ex-construction worker, ex-steelworker, ex-motorcycle deliveryman, ex-motorcycle racer, ex-bouncer, ex-newspaper editor and ex-husband. Other writing of his has appeared in Newtopia.

Herzer, Christine

Herzer is a poet and visual artist. Recent publications include Fence, American Letters & Commentary, H_NGM_N, Pinstripe Fedora, Her Royal Majesty, The New York Quarterly and Upstairs at Duroc.

Hess, Amy Marie

Hess lives in Fairmont, WV. Her work has appeared in The Taj Mahal Review, HazMat Review, The Oak, SP Quill Magazine, Poetry Salzburg Review and The Aguilar Expression.

Hetzler, Josh

Hetzler grew up in Northern California but has lived in New York City for 10 years. His works for the stage include a full-length play, Painting Palm Trees, and a one-act, Breakfast in Bombay.

Hibbs, Angela

Hibbs is the author of Passport (DC Books, 2006), a collection of poems long-listed for the Relit Awards. Her work has appeared in Exile, Matrix and Antigonish Review.

Higa, Thad

Higa lives in Seattle and has worked as an intern at Wave Books, as well as for the writer Tao Lin.