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Ron Singer

SingerSinger's interviews, essays, and reviews on African subjects have appeared in publications including Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Evergreen Review, The Georgia Review, nthposition, opendemocracy.net, Pambazuka News, Poets & Writers and The Wall Street Journal. During 2010-2011, he made three protracted visits to Africa to interview pro-democracy leaders for a book, Uhuru Revisited (Africa World Press/Red Sea Press, forthcoming).

That old-time (South African) religion

[ places - november 10 ]

"Forty-five minutes of teeth-jarring potholes, a left turn, a bounce or two up a rutted path, and there I am: Matol Guest House"

Heard on the road in South Africa

[ places - september 10 ]

"What's the difference between a black and a white cricket? The black ones are noisier." (Are there really white crickets?)

Nobody's fault

[ places - july 10 ]

We fail to notice many shades of grey in Africa

Conversations with a continent

[ politics | places - february 10 ]

A series of panels of experts on Africa was held in New York. We present summaries of these panels.

The parents we deserve

[ fiction - march 09 ]

"After eleven busy years, his wife's frequent wit, with its ambivalent edge, was finally getting to him."

Culture wars/war cultures

[ bookreviews ]

The zweikampf of the so-called Cold War has now been succeeded by a multitude of horrendous conflicts in the name of a multitude of plausible causes.

The rented pet

[ fiction - april 08 ]

"She recited her lead question quickly and matter-of-factly, before irresolution could mis-word it or falsify the intended tone. 'Do you rent dogs - or do you just train and sell them?'"


[ places - march 08 ]

"When I began reading about the sabo, I was hoping to have unearthed a microcosm of Nigerian unity. Now I just hope the sarkin and his waziri are still in business..."

Norman's cousin

[ fiction - october 07 ]

"I do not keep photographs of people I detest, so I relied on my visual memory and a few quick viewings from crowds."

Taxi to (the) heaven(s)

[ fiction - september 07 ]

A short story about meetings.

A king's progress

[ places - august 07 ]

"The Yoruba word for 'white person' is oyinbo , which literally means 'peeled skin.' The joke was that I was literally an oyinbo ."