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Axis of Evil Cookbook


[ politics - january 04 ]

On 29 January 2002, George W Bush first used the phrase 'Axis of Evil' in his State of the Union address in reference to Iraq, Iran and North Korea.

There are only a couple of North Korean recipes here, so The Axis of Evil Cookbook is a misleading title. It seemed inappropriate to include more when (according to the UN World Food Program) there is widespread malnutrition in the country. As well as recipes from Iran and Iraq (whose cuisine has been degraded by a decade of sanctions), there are recipes from Lebanon, Syria and Yemen, who are currently only in the Axis of Naughty though this could, of course, change at any time. That’s the exciting thing about American foreign policy. David Frum, the speechwriter who coined 'Axis of Evil' has just co-written An End to Evil which cheerfully advocates overthrowing the governments of Iran, Syria, North Korea and China…

In Through the looking glass, the Red Queen introduces Alice to dishes which she then can’t eat because "it isn't etiquette to cut anyone you've been introduced to." There are two versions: one for printing odd pages; and one for photocopying double-sided and making into a booklet. As with previous nthposition ebooks, they are copyleft - pass them on as many times as you like. Enjoy the recipes, and try not to cut anyone you've been introduced to.

(Photo copyright: Hengameh Golestan)