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100 suns

review by Seamus Sweeney

"I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds": the terrible beauty of the nuke.

1968: The year that rocked the world

review by Stewart Home

MLK and Bobby Kennedy, Prague Spring, Tet Offensive... and Jell-O.

Abuse your illusions

review by Noel Rooney

High level ranters.

The adventures of Arthur Conan Doyle

review by Tom Ruffles

Another year, another biography of Sir Arthur...

After the Empire

review by Noel Rooney

Noel Rooney is impressed by book whose thesis is counter-intuitive, or at least counter to received thinking.

The age of consent

review by Noel Rooney

Man the barricades!

Ajax, the Dutch, the War

review by Seamus Sweeney

The Beautiful Game under fascism.

Al-Qaeda: The true story of radical Islam

review by Noel Rooney

"Bin Laden's cult status is the result of a potent mix of demonisation and adulation, a literary sub-genre and an internet bubble"

The Algebraist

review by Jonathan Bryant

Possibly one for the loyalists.

Alice Guy Blaché: cinema pioneer

review by Tom Ruffles

The first woman film director is rewritten into history.