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review by Seamus Sweeney

The barely credible story of Hiroshima, told without hyperbole.

Shopping for bombs

review by David Hambling

AQ Khan was the father of the bomb and a man of global stature in Pakistan, a land without heroes...

A sickness called America - Thor Garciaís The News Clown

review by Jim Chaffee

"Thorís coming of age is not set against an adolescent nation establishing borders or growing through hard times to become a major power, but rather against a decaying and degenerate nation populated with inbred, narcissistic adolescents long past their second decades."

Sideshow USA

review by Steve Penn

Freaks like us.

Six feet over

review by Tom Ruffles

Oh, Death, where is thy sting-a-ling-a-ling?

The skinner

review by Steve Penn

Sci-fi meets 'Beowulf' and 'Moby Dick'.

Slate writing

review by Tom Ruffles

A superficial look at a curiosity from the heyday of mediumship.


review by Giles Goodland

Isnít formalism with no purpose the worst of both worlds?

The spider's web

review by Seamus Sweeney

Roth's debut novel of Weimar Germany.

Spiritualism and women's writing

review by Tom Ruffles

More useful to literature students than historians of psychical research or Spiritualism