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[ poetry - october 06 ]


I think you know
You're a bit cramped
When you can stand in the hall
And see every single door in the flat.

Every night
Trying to will sleep
Cracked, baked desert for eyes
The blinkin' blinking streetlight outside.

This City,
Stand at the top
Every cry, tear, snaking street
Every beat-skipped heart breaking.

Cloudily I have a lonely wander.



Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's Pop,
Mr Orange is really a cop.
The Third Man is Harry Lime,
At the end of Jaws, Robert Shaw dies.

Thelma and Louise drive off a cliff.
It was Judge Doom who framed Roger Rabbit.
Spock Dies in Star Trek Two,
And Kirk bites the dust in Generations too.

It's not Michael Myers in Halloween Seven,
In Sixth Sense Bruce Willis is halfway to heaven.
They all commit the murder on the Orient Express.
The Crying Game woman is definitely hiding something under that dress.

Nicole Kidman is dead in The Others,
Norman Bates dresses up as his mother.
In Fight Club, Brad Pitt and Ed Norton are the same guy.
Oh yeah and Kevin Spacey is Keyser Soze.