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Help Pass Marijuana Laws

a comment on The War of Drugs

by Libgirl at 21:36[BST] on 14/02/08

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Terrific insight combined with a bizarre sense of adventure.

a comment on Rip off the ears: searching for Demosthenes’ secret in Mexico

by Thomas Burchfield at 03:19[BST] on 10/01/08

Great stuff, especially the joyous juxtaposition of wisdom- gleaning from ancient master orators with John's Great Adventure with the "girls." Also, some sad and excellent insight on confidence and the quest for power. A lesson we could all learn: a whimpering whispering, short-breathed Jesus would've gone nowhere.

Naylers Style

a comment on Thirteen ways of looking at a blackbird

by Phillip Winland at 04:27[BST] on 07/12/07

Ohh, I see..he writes Film Noir, makes sense now - why the lack of color. Where is the Femme Fatal, he he. Good Job Ray, during this day and age Film Noir style may be a hit. To some degree it still is. But how I wonder how much color t.v. changes that.

Naylers War

a comment on Shopping in Fortress America

by Phillip Winland at 18:42[BST] on 06/12/07

I didnt know that Wars were meant to be won. I thought the intent was to destroy their way of life and subjugate them. Also to sell military goods and services and set up mcdonalds. I liked the detail, Nayler gives good detailed information, needs more color schemes, but one of his best qualities appears to be his characterization. Wish he had more writings, thanks, Phillip W.

Naylers Dream Home

a comment on Thirteen ways of looking at a blackbird

by Phillip Winland at 18:06[BST] on 06/12/07

I found Naylers dream interesting, because I lived in a small town with three acres, a creek, deer, pheasant and moose running through my yard eating off my fruit trees and garden. I wish I could have folded up that house and took it with me to Seattle. But what you give up in quality you get back in beautification projects.

wordsmith network

a comment on Chess & Reading Hamlet on Bere Island

by primo ty at 14:15[BST] on 21/09/07

'felt on cardboard' is a soft plum in your dry throat; a peach skin on the back of your tongue; or a marshmallow at the front.

More Gallix appreciation

a comment on Surplus will

by eivissenka at 17:47[BST] on 09/09/07

I just read Fancy Fragments...it really is deliciously confident and cartoonishly literary-minded. Love this... "Behold the tiny tots sitting two by two behind dinky desks, all chubby chops and tuck-shop tums, bless 'em. " Yum.

Andrew Gallix is, indeed, a fantastic writer...

a comment on Surplus will

by barry katz at 21:34[BST] on 08/08/07

...and this article does an admirable job pointing his strengths and graces out. Andrew Gallix's prose rewards close reading!

good god

a comment on Up the Rio Paraguay

by metamorpher at 19:52[BST] on 23/07/07

isn't the internet so small enough? I'm from hohenau... the small german village you have visited... and I was looking for a cacique picture on google, and here I am, reading this interesting story and seeing how you coul've felt my own enviorement... Would be nice being in touch with you my friend. Please send an email to metamorpher.py [at] gmail [dot] com... greetings and regards from paraguay to everybody... ;)

Re: keeping a low profile

a comment on Hexen 2039

by phil at 15:42[BST] on 21/07/07

Briefly, to say: I don't know about Sackville, but Tania is really a real person - an erudite, very ambitious one, speaking plenty of languages and having many and different interests. And she is especially gifted it arts. By the way, I liked the anagram too ;).