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nthposition is taking a few months off to deal with caring duties and a few of life's other little challenges. We are hoping to be back in September 2015. Apologies to the lovely people who have supported us for the last decade, and hope to see you soon.

To Be or... to Be


[ places - august 14 ]

A letter from Sarajevo

Pseudoscience fiction in Louis Armandís Cairo

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[ bookreviews ]

"The novel itself is a new genre, a sort of horror that I believe might be called pseudoscience fiction, this one rooted in alien technology and ancient astronaut beliefs linked to ancient Egypt."

Not nice people


[ opinion - august 14 ]

"Weíre all a little bit nuts in our self-absorption and greed, enjoying other peopleís misery..."

Message to you


[ fiction - august 14 ]

A short story about communication

A life made of moments

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[ filmreviews ]

Richard Linklaterís Boyhood, in many respects, is unlike any previous film.

Recommended reading

Baptizing dead people for fun and profit: organized religion's most imaginative scam


[ strangeness - june 02 ]

The Mormons have an interesting take on celestial vote-rigging.

Lowest Court Law: Cases And Commentaries


[ fiction - june 10 ]

"In this book, Stone has done for Lowest Court Law and Jurisprudence what Moby Dick previously did for porpoises. Many kudos to you, Judge Stone."

My temporary son


[ people - february 05 ]

An orphan's tale.

Rip off the ears: searching for Demosthenesí secret in Mexico


[ places - january 08 ]

"It's difficult to find privacy in Mexico, least of all if you're traveling with a low-budget female impersonator show."

Random reading

The last civilized man

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