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To Be or... to Be

by Christopher Thornton

[ places - august 14 ]

A letter from Sarajevo

Pseudoscience fiction in Louis Armandís Cairo

review by Jim Chaffee

[ bookreviews ]

"The novel itself is a new genre, a sort of horror that I believe might be called pseudoscience fiction, this one rooted in alien technology and ancient astronaut beliefs linked to ancient Egypt."

Not nice people

by Joe Palmer

[ opinion - august 14 ]

"Weíre all a little bit nuts in our self-absorption and greed, enjoying other peopleís misery..."

Message to you

by Alan McCormick

[ fiction - august 14 ]

A short story about communication

A life made of moments

review by Douglas Messerli

[ filmreviews ]

Richard Linklaterís Boyhood, in many respects, is unlike any previous film.

Recommended reading

Baptizing dead people for fun and profit: organized religion's most imaginative scam

by Tom Bradley

[ strangeness - june 02 ]

The Mormons have an interesting take on celestial vote-rigging.

Lowest Court Law: Cases And Commentaries

by Ronald J Stone

[ fiction - june 10 ]

"In this book, Stone has done for Lowest Court Law and Jurisprudence what Moby Dick previously did for porpoises. Many kudos to you, Judge Stone."

My temporary son

by Timeri N Murari

[ people - february 05 ]

An orphan's tale.

Rip off the ears: searching for Demosthenesí secret in Mexico

by John-Ivan Palmer

[ places - january 08 ]

"It's difficult to find privacy in Mexico, least of all if you're traveling with a low-budget female impersonator show."

Random reading

A sound in the night

review by Douglas Messerli

[ filmreviews ]

Clint Eastwood's film about The Four Seasons is likeable but but not very profound.