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Now that's forward planning...

by Jason Leopold

[ january 04 ]

Paul O'Neill's claims against Bush are supported by 1998 'war' letters to Clinton signed by Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz.

The Battle of Lepanto

by Joe Palmer

[ january 04 ]

A history of enmities in the French manner: sujet amené, posé, divisé

Pesky Pakis propping up Hollywood poops

by Abbas Zaidi

[ january 04 ]

"Did the movie-makers think that Pakistan was a place where money flowed in drains and floated in gutters?" Still, it's better than being ignored...

Bush should be facing "a long, hard slog" on the campaign trail...

by Jason Leopold

[ january 04 ]

...but the Dems are too busy fighting with each other.

Pre-9/11 intelligence failures and the post-9/11 neocolonial world: Unlearned historical lessons, applied ethnography and the decline of American academic anthropology

by Tom Cox

[ december 03 ]

"When the Pentagon looked at the al Qaeda leadership they saw fanaticism and intellectual inferiority. The Pentagon was as racist and arrogant as the British who were wiped out at Ishandlwana."

As British as afternoon tea

by Mark Curtis

[ december 03 ]

"By invading Iraq, and bombing Afghanistan and Yugoslavia, the Blair government is simply continuing a British tradition of promoting regime change."

'Scarface' and the forgotten prisoners of Mariel

by Mark Dow

[ december 03 ]

Mariel Cubans are incarcerated in US penitentiaries and jails, partly as a result of the myth the film Scarface has helped to sustain.

The US: The world’s deepest debtor

by Philip S Golub

[ december 03 ]

"In the longer run, Asia will divest itself of some dollars and the US will have to pay increasingly punitive premiums to attract foreign investment. Higher interest rates will curb US economic activity and have deflationary global repercussions by increasing the debt service load of developing countries."

New purported Bush tape raises fear of new attacks

by Robert Jensen and Sam Husseini

[ november 03 ]

"Intelligence analysts around the world are studying the videotapes. 'It certainly looked and sounded like him, but we get so few glimpses at Bush in real-life situations that it is hard to tell,' said one operative from a Western intelligence agency."

Question Eleven

by Leuren Moret

[ november 03 ]

"According to the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission guidelines for occupational exposure, the 186,000,000 grams of depleted uranium released during the Gulf War combat operations is enough to poison every American man, woman, and child 100 times. "