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The role of the cyberlawyer

by Andrew D Murray

[ june 05 ]

The list of technologies which give rise to socio-legal implications is overwhelmingly populated with those which gave rise to new communities linked through the medium of the technology.

Evangelism and the sense of fact

by Joe Palmer

[ june 05 ]

They prefer and favor absolute conviction. And furthermore, their faith in their religion is stronger than others people's faith in progress, relativism, science, One World, or any of the trendy, favorite phantoms that haunt us night and day.

Red State America and violence

by Joe Palmer

[ may 05 ]

"The tyranny of the majority, the primary drawback of democracy that de Toqueville warned us about, has arrived."

Abortion and Schiavo - The stories we tell

by Paul Rogat Loeb

[ april 05 ]

"A third of all US women have abortions by age 45, of whom 27 per cent are Catholic and 13 per cent born-again or Evangelical Christians."

Gods and Sex in the USA

by Sam Purcell

[ april 05 ]

"Like children in a nursery, Americans are fascinated by naughty things."

The Israeli Left is opting for suicide

by Tanya Reinhart

[ april 05 ]

"Sharon is submitting a budget of plunder and robbery, and all the left-wing parties have to say is that we have to help him to pass it, because he said that he will evacuate settlements."

Do walls work?

by Timeri N Murari

[ march 05 ]

"Every Wall comes with its own baggage that cannot be contained by it. The Wall never grants the wishes for which it was built."

A skeptic s credo [after reading Simone Weil]

by Joe Palmer

[ march 05 ]

"We are experts in gauging the sincerity and truth of what we are told. We are sophisticated skeptics in a world of charlatans and politicians."

Follow my leader

by David Hambling

[ february 05 ]

If you want to see the future of the civilian world, look at what the military are doing now...

Fundamentalism and its discontents

by Noel Rooney

[ february 05 ]

"I spoke to Norton Mezvinsky the night after the deliciously ironic spectacle of a Jewish professor lecturing on Christian Zionism at a Muslim cultural institute, an irony only compounded by the realisation that a Muslim audience was almost bound to be better informed about Christian fundamentalism than a Christian one."