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Lester, my uncle and my IRA hero


[ july 13 ]

The past is a different country



[ march 13 ]

"When I was a boy in knickers, history was a story about events we saw around us, but there came a day when suddenly I saw that there was an unseen, unspoken, history of what was going on when we were not looking""

The king of white-collar boxing


[ august 12 ]

An extract from a memoir

An engineering rush (iv)


[ april 12 ]

Sister Philomena


[ may 11 ]

"I am eight in the third grade in a Catholic school in a slum with crazy Sister Philomena and God all around in a dark land of prayer, guilt, daily Masses, a bleeding Christ crucified above the blackboard, the fear of having my face slapped or my hands beaten with a ruler"

The man in my rear view mirror


[ april 11 ]

"In life, the future sometimes brushes against us, like a pet dog."

June clashing


[ october 10 ]

"I can no longer scoop her up off the ground; her body has grown too long and gangling for me to gather her as I once did"



[ september 10 ]

A Ruthenian story



[ july 10 ]

"'Money matters,' said Ajmal Naqshbandi, who met a gruesome death in April 2007, 'because these people don't have friendship. They don't know anything about it. They know you while you're working with them, but after that they don't even recognise you.'"

Granta days


[ september 09 ]

"My qualifications for editing a long-established and prestigious literary organ were largely a matter of youthful enthusiasm, a love of language, and a vague yet somehow urgent desire to communicate with others through writing."