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To Be or... to Be


[ august 14 ]

A letter from Sarajevo

The Iraqi dream, investor's nightmare


[ june 13 ]

A contractor despairs

Livingstone’s land


[ april 13 ]

Jump-starting the city of Lusaka. "A giant statue of a ‘hybrid chicken’ adorns a roundabout on the Great East Road. No one knows why. Maybe it was a sculptured advertisement. But it’s just a landmark now. ‘Turn left at Hybrid Chicken roundabout.’ "

Nothing to be done


[ october 11 ]

A philosophical look at tramps in Paris



[ may 11 ]

Some Mexicans hate them. Some want to be them. Some feel safer with them than with the government. And there is no easy way to define them.

Strange fish


[ april 11 ]

"Much like the Mekong that divides Thailand from Laos, the Birrarung in the Kulin Nation was a national border."

Forgotten conflicts: Nagorno-Karabakh


[ march 11 ]

The small, mountainous enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh enjoys de facto Armenian status, but the disagreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan has not evaporated...

That old-time (South African) religion


[ november 10 ]

"Forty-five minutes of teeth-jarring potholes, a left turn, a bounce or two up a rutted path, and there I am: Matol Guest House"

Heard on the road in South Africa


[ september 10 ]

"What's the difference between a black and a white cricket? The black ones are noisier." (Are there really white crickets?)

Independence Day


[ july 10 ]

"The voting paper - a Rosetta Stone for the bewildered - is littered with icons of surpassing terror, including the Roman alphabet, two dozen head-shots and the same number of symbols"