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To Be or... to Be

by Christopher Thornton

[ august 14 ]

A letter from Sarajevo

The Iraqi dream, investor's nightmare

by Anonymous Contractor

[ june 13 ]

A contractor despairs

Livingstone’s land

by Stephen Chan

[ april 13 ]

Jump-starting the city of Lusaka. "A giant statue of a ‘hybrid chicken’ adorns a roundabout on the Great East Road. No one knows why. Maybe it was a sculptured advertisement. But it’s just a landmark now. ‘Turn left at Hybrid Chicken roundabout.’ "

Nothing to be done

by Neil Fitzgerald

[ october 11 ]

A philosophical look at tramps in Paris


by Zach Lindsey

[ may 11 ]

Some Mexicans hate them. Some want to be them. Some feel safer with them than with the government. And there is no easy way to define them.

Strange fish

by Melissa Howard

[ april 11 ]

"Much like the Mekong that divides Thailand from Laos, the Birrarung in the Kulin Nation was a national border."

Forgotten conflicts: Nagorno-Karabakh

by Timothy Reece

[ march 11 ]

The small, mountainous enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh enjoys de facto Armenian status, but the disagreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan has not evaporated...

That old-time (South African) religion

by Ron Singer

[ november 10 ]

"Forty-five minutes of teeth-jarring potholes, a left turn, a bounce or two up a rutted path, and there I am: Matol Guest House"

Heard on the road in South Africa

by Ron Singer

[ september 10 ]

"What's the difference between a black and a white cricket? The black ones are noisier." (Are there really white crickets?)

Independence Day

by Michael Griffin

[ july 10 ]

"The voting paper - a Rosetta Stone for the bewildered - is littered with icons of surpassing terror, including the Roman alphabet, two dozen head-shots and the same number of symbols"