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Showing the night inside, The Moon’s teethmarks & Realization of desire


[ poetry - december 12 ]

Showing the night inside

I sleep.
Underneath a skeletal framework.
Of desire?
to remind me
of your constant denial.
See the bones?
They’re mine.
The stringing scraps of flesh?
Mine too.
In fact, there is nothing here -
no tracings at all -
that belong to you.
Even the pain
like a reigning scream
For the lonely embrace
of my lips.
Yet I cannot escape
the idea of you.
Your memory -
and your absence -
is poisoning the air.
And no matter how
I lock the curtains.
No matter how
I tie the sheets.
I cannot retreat
from the seams
your hands carelessly continue
to pick.


The Moon’s teethmarks

“Today I feel as if I have eaten fire.
I have never been so alive.”

              - Alicia Ostriker

I swallowed your words.
As they left your mouth.
Chewing them
into silence.
But now their noise
is burning within me.
And I am strangely revived.
A new animal.
Released from a cage.
And somehow your newly hollowed form
seems far more distasteful
than my tongue initially thought.


Realization of desire

I walk on symbols
too flat
to ever be gods.
The gold is too tarnished
and most likely fake.
The flakes fall through my hair.
They turn my skin to dust.
I shatter and blow.
Spelling hate with my bones.
Not belief.
That’s for the weak.
I plan to linger
and shimmer amongst their fears.
Tomorrow dances for no one.
But I’ll be here
to hum its forgotten tune.