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The sympathetic medium

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Transcribing, sending, receiving and recording information between the living was essentially the same as doing so between living and dead in the 19th century

Spiritualism and women's writing

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More useful to literature students than historians of psychical research or Spiritualism

"A logical if macabre enterprise"


[ february 09 ]

Binding the identity to the anatomy

The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall


[ january 09 ]

A re-examination and a possible explanation of the famous ghost photograph.

The Paranormal Caught on Film

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Even-handed if hardly ground-breaking study. Shame about the editing, though...

The eager dead

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A spectacularly odd (and true) tale of adultery, communicating with the dead and the spirit-child who was to bring harmony to Earth

Ghosts of Futures Past

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"Dr Mary Walker, 'the most distinguished invert in the United States' was a Spiritualist and won the Congressional Medal of Honour, yet was arrested in 1878 for wearing trousers in public."

The Seance

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The Victorian chiller is reborn...

Six feet over

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Oh, Death, where is thy sting-a-ling-a-ling?

"I am Houdini! And you are a fraud!"

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This book gets it wrong: Houdini had a dislike of fraudulent mediums, but he was agnostic about Spiritualism as a philosophy.