Wheels are growing on rose-bushes
grey and affectionate
O Jonathan - Jonathan - dear
Did some swallow Prendergast's silverheels-
be drunk forever and more
- with lemon appendicitis?


from Mine Soul Singeth...

He is hidden like the hidden toad - - - hidden animal - cave-
animal - chiseled animal - animal of shadow! - - goldrimmed
pupils narrowing in light - blinking - thinking dark dreams!
Hidden - lightshy - skinpale - does not perish in flame - I remem-
ber old witchword;
Jewels hidden in its head - - - hidden - hidden - hidden animal!
Splendid - proud - majestic - immobile - - - when it feeds it
moveth swift like thought!



No spinsterlollypop for me!
Yes! We have no bananas
I got lusting palate
I always eat them...
There's the vibrator
Coy flappertoy! ...
A dozen cocktails, please!