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Tracy's face


[ poetry - october 08 ]

The city
is more beautiful
than it has a right
to be -

some mornings, even
a chucked white mattress
propped on garbage, huddled weeds,
is luminous

more beautiful than
Rita Hayworth
easing off black
silk gloves in Gilda

beeches with sticky
newborn leaves
are charged with green

or Grace Kelly packing
or unpacking hers or
Jimmy Stewart's suitcase
in Rear Window

concrete cylinders
of uncertain purpose
contend with the sky
& achieve themselves

or Julianne Moore
anxious on the clinic steps
before broad glass doors
brimful of autumn blood

a tree goes crazy
with silver laser-light:
tramlines slink
downhill in the dark

or Gershwin rolling easy
through Manhattan's alleys
like blown Atlantic snow
or yesterday's New York Times -

& generous: so much light,
& objects massed
around a mobile core;
the choppy, ravenous eye